We believe in the power of African surf. We also believe in the power of creativity to be a force for good. We were thus very stoked to be invited by Moncler to be part of #MonclerVoices, the latest project for Moncler.

Other project partners include global fashion and design ions such as Hiroshi Fujiwara, Matthew Williams and Jonathan Anderson. The brief was to sheare pictures that capture what Moncler means to us. 

For us , whistles are a tool to lead the party and bring people together. When we design with Moncler, it's the coming together of creative voices. 

We took some photos. We also made a film. We blew our whistles. 

Creative Director: Peet Pienaar, Photography: Ricardo Simal, Film: Ross Hillier, Surfboard: Dutchie Surf Designs, Styling: Kristi Vlok.