Afrosurf - The Book

“Does Africa have an original surf culture?”

We get asked this a lot. AFROSURF - the book is our (first) attempt at an answer. 320 pages that explores the diversity of the surfing experience as it plays out in the Motherland. By no means is it even close to definitive. The culture of wave-riding across most of the continent, is still in the process of self-discovery, remembrance and realisation.

AFROSURF offers a glimpse into the history, the culture and the lives of a group of people, whose context and experiences are over-looked or under-reported, taking pleasure in an activity that often serves to define their relationship with themselves, their community and the environment. Surfing.

Instigated by the global Coronavirus lockdowns of 2020, we pitched and fundraised the idea of AFROSURF on Kickstarter and pulled the project together in 75 days. Together with Mami Wata co-founder Selema Masekela and some of Africa's brightest thinkers, writers, photographers and surfers we explore the unique culture of eighteen coastal countries, from Morocco to Somalia, Mozambique, South Africa, and beyond.

Best yet, we donate 100% of our royalties from AFROSURF to support the work of two incredible African surf therapy organisations, Waves For Change and Surfers Not Street Children.

The Kickstarter was a raging success and we overshot our production target by almost 300%. The PR and buzz around the book has been momentous. During production, AFROSURF attracted a global book deal from 10 Speed Press, an imprint of Penguin Random House. Together, we printed a hardcover second edition that has, so far, sold over 10,000 copies, with all royalties going to the incredible African surf therapy organisations mentioned above.

AFROSURF is a visual mindbomb packed with over 200 photos, 50 essays, surfer profiles, thought pieces, poems, playlists, photos, illustrations, ephemera, recipes, and a mini comic, all wrapped in design that captures the diversity and character of Africa.

The unique and distinctive designs, graphics and stories of AFROSURF feature in our most recent ranges of apparel and accessories.

But don’t take our word for it… check the reviews on Oprah, The Guardian, Hypebeast, The New York Times, etc.